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WDV341 Intro PHP
Introduction to the PHP programming langauge. PHP is one of the most common languages used for website development. It is the language used in the popular CMS systems such WordPress and Drupal.
Dates: 2020-08-31 2020-12-07.
Location: Des Moines IA.
Object Oriented Workshop
An introduction to the terminology and concepts of Object Oriented Programming.
Dates: 2020-06-01 2020-06-01.
Location: Ankeny IA.
Administration Meeting
More fun to be had in ZOOOOMMMMMMM....
Dates: 2020-11-12 2020-11-12.
Location: Ankeny IA.
WDV101 Intro HTML and CSS
Beginning WDV class
Dates: 2020-11-23 2020-12-14.
Location: West D West Des Moines.